OGK Deluxe Rear Child Seat


■ Made in JAPAN.

■ Super shock-absorbent pad with approximately 90% shock-absorbency used in the headrest.

■ High ventilation for preventing from getting musty.

■ Hight adjustable slide-system headrest.

■ Prevents sliding off, adopting 5 points seatbelt. It holds tightly and secure.

■ With adjustable step which height is adjustable in 2 levels.

■ It can also be used as a basket.

■ Applicable weight / Weight under 21kg (When Class 25kg luggage carrier in use)

■ Weight under 22kg (When Class 27kg luggage carrier in use)

■ Ideal luggage carrier width : 150mm - 173mm

■ Applicable age and height / For children above 1 year old (12 months) to less than

6 years old (72 months) with height under 115cm.

(※Over 2 years old preferred for ride)

■ Applicable model / Any city bike with Class 22kg to 27kg luggage carrier installed

(Non-installable for special shaped frame).

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