Seatylock Trekking Comfort Classic

Seaty Lock USA



A comfortable seat which quickly and conveniently turns into a great bike lock. Fast and easy to take on and off. Comfort model has a wider saddle, optimizing it for leisure.


  • Always on your bike - You wild. never Leave home without a Lock No more saddle theft - The saddle is your Lock One meter long - Long enough to Lock frame & wheel around objects.
  • Fast and easy to use - Turns into a Lock, and back into a saddle in 10 seconds.
  • Protected against the elements - Metal components are rust free, and pLasic cover is UV protected.
  • Durable - We've tested the System for over 10,00o cycles to make sure it's Durable.
  • Ultimate comfort - The saddle's "floating" construction makes it shock resistant 
  • Anti-Drilling components - Cylinder and other components are drilling resistant.
  • Integrated part of your bike - Never hassle with a bulky-inconvenient lock.

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