FollowMe Tandem Rental Program

 How does it work? Here are the easy steps to follow:

1) REQUEST FORM: Fill out the form below to send us a request for a FollowMe rental subscription, and we will contact you to make sure you have all the accessories needed for your subscription.

2) SUBSCRIPTION EMAIL: Once everything looks good, you will receive 2 emails with links to subscribe to your monthly rental subscription.

3) DELIVERY: Once the subscription is signed and accepted, we ship your FollowMe Tandem and the only thing left to do is installing it...and ride!

4) END OF RENTAL PERIOD: at the end of the rental period, you will have 1 month to return your FollowMe Tandem.  It is super important to keep the original box, instruction manual, and wrapping material to facilitate the return.

Interested? Let's start with step 1 !

For more informations, feel free to contact us.

Ride safe and have fun!

Team Trucavelo