Seatylock Lock Seat

Seaty Lock USA

Comfort Classic Black
Comfort Classic Brown
Trekking Chamaleon Black
Trekking Stripes Black

☑️ 2-year direct warranty

☑️ Foldylock® distributors in America


A comfortable seat which quickly and conveniently turns into a great bike lock. Fast and easy to take on and off. Comfort model has a wider saddle, optimizing it for leisure.


  • Always on your bike - You wild. never Leave home without a Lock No more saddle theft - The saddle is your Lock One meter long - Long enough to Lock frame & wheel around objects.
  • Fast and easy to use - Turns into a Lock, and back into a saddle in 10 seconds.
  • Protected against the elements - Metal components are rust free, and plasic cover is UV protected.
  • Durable - We've tested the System for over 10,00o cycles to make sure it's Durable.
  • Ultimate comfort - The saddle's "floating" construction makes it shock resistant 
  • Anti-Drilling components - Cylinder and other components are drilling resistant.
  • Integrated part of your bike - Never hassle with a bulky-inconvenient lock.


Why buy from Trucavelo?

We are families who help families to go out and have fun together.We support diversity and we offer customer service in several languages including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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